Making the Internet Transparent


As companies take advantage of the global reach of the Internet and economies of cloud computing, they face a new challenge: Internet Blindness. As their networks connect to ever larger inter-dependent families of customers, partners, and third party networks, the business is susceptible to external forces and events that can’t be seen and are hard to anticipate and control. Without the right data or analytics, it is difficult to mitigate the risk of operating critical business operations on the public Internet infrastructure.


Global, real time insight into Internet operations

Renesys, the authority in global Internet intelligence, provides products, services and thought leadership dedicated to enabling organizations to confidently and securely operate critical business processes on the Internet. Renesys provides objective and easy to use intelligence on how business communications are operating in order to minimize the risk and maximize the return of Internet operations.


Intelligence, awareness and cybersecurity

Operating a real time global sensor grid that continuously monitors, collects, analyzes and correlates Internet routing data with other intelligence, Renesys makes doing business over the Internet more reliable and secure by providing a comprehensive view of connections around the world and inside the cloud. Internet dependent organizations rely on Renesys for cybersecurity assurance, situational and operational awareness, and real time business and competitive intelligence.


Thought leadership, depth and breadth

The Renesys team amasses broad and very deep experience in telecommunications, networking, security, network management and the Internet and is recognized by international press as a go to source of quality information and insight into critical Internet events. Founded in 2000, the company is privately held with headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire. An R&D office is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, and global computing facilities are maintained in New Hampshire, Florida, California, England, Holland, Turkey and Japan.